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Tatra Register UK Calendar 

Please note: Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of our listings, but we cannot guarantee that events whether ours or not, will take place as advised, or to post details of cancellation or postponement. You should check with the event organisers before travelling to attend any fixture posted here.

July 24-26 2015
Tatra Register UK 14th Annual Rally, Essex: We will be based in an area which, like our Gravesend rally a couple of years ago, is rich in maritime, military and industrial heritage.

Visits already arranged in an itinerary that is still work in progress include Bata-ville, Coalhouse Fort, the Power Museum and Wat Tyler country park.

Contact Kirsten now for details and booking instructions: .

Rolling Events Calendar

TRUK events in red, events to which we are invited, or which include a Tatra theme, in blue, and a selection of key classic car events which are likely to be of interest.

Health alert: TRUK claims no expertise in medical matters, but if you are intending to enjoy the countryside as part of a central or east European excursion (including Germany), you'd be wise to look into the significant risk of tick-borne encephalitis, which can result in catastrophic brain damage. Two injections three weeks apart, from a GP or from a MASTA Travel Clinic, offer a year's protection, and can be topped up for continued peace of mind.

15 – 19 April 2015
Techno Classica Essen: How many Tatras will be on dispay this time? Details on the website: Essen

18 April 2015
Tatra Register Netherlands event: Visit to the Van Gogh house in Zundert. Full details on their website when available: TRN

5 – 7 June 2015
SALT 9 - Norfolk Campaign: Soviet Auto Luxury Tours organised by Dave Richards and Allen Walker. Tour Cold War locations accompanied by many other Eastern Bloc vehicles: SALT

18 – 21 June 2015
Tatra Register Deutschland event:The 20th Tatra Treffen will be held in the town of Varel, Ost-Friesland. Full details on their website: TRD

22 July 2015
Classics on the Common: A relaxing Wednesday evening meet on the common in Harpenden. A regular event for Tatra owners: Harpenden.

24 – 26 July 2015
Tatra Register UK 14th Annual Rally, Essex: See top of listings and contact: Kirsten.

16 August 2015
Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance: Details on the website: Pebble Beach.

20 September 2015
Milton Keynes Museum:Transport and engines rally - usually at least one Tatra there. Details on the website: Milton Keynes.

13-15 November 2015
NEC Classic Motor Show: Unlikely the club will have a stand this year after the exhaustion of last year! Details on the website: NEC.


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