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Tatra cars have featured in several films, aside from their own publicity films. A Tatra can be useful in establishing an Eastern Bloc location as well as the car providing a good handle on the date of the action.

Tatra Register UK members' cars have featured in TV commercials (Tim Bishop's T603, Ian Tisdale's T613), films (Simon Redrup's T603 below, Peter Frost's T613 in Velvet Goldmine) and even pop music videos (Derrick Moores' T87, Colin Rose's T603).

The pictures below are from British movie "Rancid Aluminium" and feature Simon Redrup's T2-603. It is believed that this car was also featured in several other films, including Evita.

The suggested technique for cornering at speed.


Suitably industrial background


Quick enough to beat the train


603 rear, unmistakably.


A great shot with light reflecting off the curved surfaces.


At its destination.

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