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Tatra Register UK is developing a range of exclusive clothing items, which will feature on this page very soon, and has a stock of rare models which are available only to members. A modest mark-up helps to fill the club coffers as well as allowing you to put a little more Tatra in your home, if you can't squeeze in a T613 V8 engine as a coffee table.

Please e-mail us for details

Previous offers have included the following items, which are now, unfortunately, sold out:

T-shirts in various sizes and colours


Baseball Caps


Set of 6 tumblers with Tatra car pictures


Mugs with the same Tatra images as the tumblers


An exclusive one-hour Tatra video featuring the T87, T603 promotional film (1962) , Tatra car and truck history to 1967, and the launch film of the T700


Glass ashtrays and tax disc holders


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