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With membership spread throughout the world, the main contact many members have with their club is through our magazine and newsletters. We attempt to publish Fanmail three times a year, covering past and future club events, news on Tatra-related topics, a Market Place for cars and parts, road tests and helpful information for the Tatra novice and expert alike, although we have only managed two in the last year. Back issues of the magazine are available for £2.50 for UK members and £5 for non-members (plus postage and packing). Our 6-weekly Czechpoint newsletter is now emailed out, offering more regular events and news updates, along with more frequent advertising opportunities.

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Koprivnice mishap - In the winter of 2004, Tatra's former museum's roof fell in due to heavy snow. The building had been being used as an overflow store since the fine new museum had been open next door, and a number of exhibits were damaged. Tatra had not insured the stock due to high policy premiums.

The whole building collapsed inwards

A number of the exhibits had been removed before this shot, including a T700 and a T603 which was being restored. The trucks seemed to have suffered the most damage.

Club car insurance


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