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We welcome advertising of cars and Tatra-related items. Our main short-term advertising platform is the e-newsletter Czechpoint, received every six weeks by all on-line members and copied to advertisers. Email text and pictures to: Czechpoint advertising


Sellers beware! Don't be caught by a widespread international scam in which the perpetrators, posing as agents for legitimate buyers, offer to remit cheques for more than the advertised price, and ask for the balance to be repaid by Western Union, or some other rapid transfer method. Unsurprisingly, their cheques bounce, and one of our advertisers has encountered this four times already. We'd advise dealing only with principals, rather than 'agents'.

Buyers beware! The buying and selling of vehicles, spare parts and other items advertised herein remain private transactions between the individuals concerned and, in carrying advertisements for these, Tatra Register UK takes no responsibility for the description, condition, safety or fitness for purpose of same, nor does it necessarily endorse products or services offered by advertisers. Caveat Emptor!


'T3-603' Sill Mouldings now available - Price Kc3600 (c. £90.00)

The late T603 is the most accessible, numerous and widely campaigned Tatra, so a new initiative like this is to be celebrated and supported. Long-time member, and now Mládá Boleslav resident, John Shelley is developing a range of rolled trim mouldings for collectors' cars - the sharp-eyed may have noticed the perfect aluminium gutter trim on a well-presented blue Škoda MB1000 at Crich in 2007. Most 603s' sill trims are either damaged or missing, so here's a timely opportunity to put things right. These items are in stainless steel.

Says John: "We borrowed or were given patterns from three different 603-3s and every piece had a slightly different profile or section to the ribs, including on the same side of the same car! Most evident is where they meet under the B-post at the line between front and rear doors, where some were not even the same overall height/depth (and the join isn't covered with any similar-profile clip), something we have attempted to eradicate, being as we're so clever! Here they are - as you will be aware, the odd end shapes are where they have to be folded round the wheelarch lip through 90 and then up to 180 degrees during fitting."

" Another point - it appears each moulding was drilled onto and through its sill individually and without a pattern, thus it isn't possible to pre-drill or punch the trims to suit a car which is already drilled for trims being replaced."

See the Skofast website and/or contact John at:


We're a car club, but many of our members are as interested in the rich culture and often traumatic history of the former Czechoslovakia as they are in its engineering. Anyone sharing that interest should have this book from member Ivan Margolius.

Wiley, ISBN 0-470-02219-1, 320 pages, 58 illustrations £16.99
available from bookshops and, at a substantial discount, from

“A poignant and vivid mémoire of a child searching for traces of his father, lost in the murky ideologies of post war Central Europe. An engrossing book.” Sir John Tusa

"A remarkable book. This archetypical story of the twentieth century is intertwined with an almost stream-of-consciousness narrative of the history of the Czechs, of Prague, interspersed with samples of exquisite poetry by great contemporary poets. So the narrative flows like Eliot’s sweet Thames full of the debris of tragic lives, of horrors, of moments of beauty and testimonies of love – all against the backdrop of man’s inhumanity." Josef Škvorecký

Go to for more details of this and other work by Ivan and his family


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